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Placing the Catalyzing Question

Posted in personal development, Uncategorized on January 25, 2007 by velocityvortx

“There are few things as powerful as a well placed question.”
Bobb Biehl, Founder of the MasterPlanning Group

In his book Jesus Asked, Conrad Gempf notes that of the 67 different story units in Marks Gospel where Jesus is questioned about something, in no less than 50 of those units he responds with a question. Not a particularly new insight but one that nonetheless helps us understand the right question are the tillers or the earth of our soul, they create self exploration, and a sense of journey.

Questions catalyze the questioned one and provoke some real soul searching . Questions reveal our desire to learn from the one questioned, and demonstrate our desire to hear their story and take interest in their space. I challenge you to develop a battery of questions that you have on the tip of your tongue. You will be surprised at the life development happening at subterranean levels. Here are couple gems for starters…

• What is the most important thing you’ve learned this month?

• Best book in the last 6 months?

• Best blog you read ?

• How can I help you most right now?

What are some of the questions you have learned to ask that help you get growth mileage?


making dents

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“Great groups (teams) hope to make a dent in the universe”
Steve Jobs, Founder of Macintosh Computers

This quote may be even more significant in light of the announcement of the iPhone and the way Steve framed the announcement. I am sure by now you have seen the actual announcement feed on the Apple site. But let’s reflect a bit on his statement about teams.

Great teams flare like a rocket, are propelled with power toward a previously unexplored destination and leave behind a residue – a residue that bespeaks their synergism and creativity. We too hope to make a dent in the universe; a dent of divine design and immense proportion. Divine because dents not bearing God’s perfect pressure are annoying flaws detracting not adding to a person’s beauty. Immense proportions because any life moved closer to the kingdom has traveled a huge chasm over sin, selfish inertia and enemy enticements.

To build on islands of health and strength we must create healthy environments where experiments can be conducted, fuels tested, maps into space charted and rockets eventually built. This will be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. What new habits of health are you committing to walk out that will make you’re a better dent maker? What kind of dent are you hoping to make? What is its size, shape and on whom are you to make it?

Rockets are designed and built by taking intentional steps in the context of team. Will you commit to facilitating the most exciting rocket building environment possible and to do all you can to make a dent with those teammates you lead and in the lives of those with whom we are called to travel. That is the journey we are called to facilitate, that is the journey we as leaders must consider taking every day.

Ontological Coherence

Posted in theology on January 6, 2007 by velocityvortx

Alan Mann in his very provocative and often controversial book Atonement for a Sinless Society says, the typical postmodern experiences shame as a dominant part of their self understanding, and shame is “our failure to live to an ideal that we have held for ourselves, is an experience of self deficiency. What the postmodern craves, therefore is an ontological coherence– a wholeness of being that always seems to be out of reach.”

I have been pondering this for some time now. Do you think that is an accurate evaluation of the pomo condition? Is that the typical postmoderns self understanding?

planned abandonment…

Posted in leadership, personal development on January 5, 2007 by velocityvortx

What are you abandoning in your schedule this week as a new habit for this year to free up timimg_9141.jpge to do what is really important. Planned abandonment is the breakfast of leaders.

Think about these three things as you are planning what to do and not do.

Build on islands of health and strength.  This makes weaknesses irrelevant and prevents strengths from diminishing by focusing on trying to strengthen things you are designed to do well.  The premise here is that of using your best energy, creativity, and time on those things you are good, gifted, and excited about.  To use your best on the weaknesses is to dilute your strength

Only deal with those heading your direction.  There will always be detractors and those that would rather go south than north or take a different route to the same destination.  Let them.  Give them permission in fact. You funnel your best into the highest leverage activities God has placed within the scope of your vision.  Once you enter the role of fielding every “alternative route taker” you will have that as a full time job.  This sort of work is usually diverting, diluting and discouraging to the main directional heading you have in your heart.

Hunt elephants not mice. Most of us spend inordinate amounts of time doing thing that even if we were immensely successful, would be very tiny in their amount of impact. Commit your life to doing those things that if even moderately successful would have great impact, and if immensely successfulwould be revolutionary.