The Bose Speakers in Your Mind

The internal dialogue that goes on inside of our heads is the greatest determiner of our outlook, performance, and expectation level. The silent self-talk floating between our two ears has deafening impact on our self-perception and ability to change what over time, has come to feel like “our fate”. But here is the liberating and powerful truth of it all – all of us control what mental iPod tunes play. Through conditioning from coaches, school teachers, parents, siblings and employers, we have certain sound waves that get lots of repetitive play; some detrimental, others beneficial. The source of these MP3 brain downloads is much less important than the hard work of purging the archives of those “downers”. Here is a prescription:

1. Do a “waking hours” thought audit. Every time you find yourself listening to dialogue you find less than desirable, note it in print. One or two days of this and you get the idea real quick.
2. Identify any patterns that you see emerge. By and large our own thoughts are something less than affirming and bolstering. Are there certain times of the day your thoughts are less or more on target? How impact by moods are they and vice versa, how does that self talk impact your moods?
3. In response create a mental trigger list. These are key thoughts, quotes, biblical references that act as counterpoints to the cycling iTunes that keeps playing.

On a more proactive tact, create a daily quotes list that allows you to pre-program your thinking for the day.

Book Resources: Joan Borysenko-Minding the Body, Mending the Mind. Tara Bennett-Goldman – Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind Can Mend the Heart.


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