The Fine Balance of Life’s Ecosystems

The main ecosystem threat is inevitable entropy.
John Lyons
An ecosystem is the balanced harmony of outputs and inputs that provide a healthy environment for life to flourish. As with all ecosystems, an imbalance in the output/input ration and you are looking at trouble. The tendency of all systems to move to lower energy and greater disorder is called entropy. Look at your office, your kids bedrooms, your staff leadership team, or your vocational context. The law is universal, that is why it is called the second law of thermodynamcis

I continue to hold up Robert Quinn as the most insightful guy on all this entropy stuff. He says all humans, like all systems, have two and only two choices, slow death (entropy) or deep change. The problem is we want easy change. But that isn’t on the menu of options. It is slow death or DEEP change.

Spiritually speaking our spiritual lives and vocational world are constantly going to lesser energy and higher disorder. Every time that happens we are facing a balance problem – in ecosystem terms the outputs of the system are exceeding the inputs. How do we intercept spiritual entropy? Make a list of outputs and inputs into your ecosystem….then answer these:

1. What are the 3 biggest entropy producers in your life?
2. What 2 things could you being doing that would significantly increase your ecosystem balance?
3. What 2 things could you curb or cease that would make room for your two new high leverage entropy fighters?
4. When will you being your two new things and who will keep you accountable?
5. What current inputs need to be incased? Decreased?
6. What earmarks alert you to imbalance in your ecosystem?


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