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Posted in leadership on April 13, 2007 by velocityvortx

Don’t confuse openness with ownership. Owning a vision comes through labor intensive repetition. There is no other way. Many are open – only the repeatedly exposed fan come to own it.
Max DuPree

For some reason the importance of vision falls on hard times periodically. But I have to say, I am a fan. I still don’t know an organization or church that accomplishes anything without some vision. Every church I am working with these days is getting big bang out the hard spade work of reflecting on their vision. So a couple questions for you as you think about this topic.

Are you certain on the big picture for the organization and your area? Is it clean, compelling and creative in your mind? If not re-tool, revamp and reconsider. In a word or phrase – what is your role in implementing the organization’s mission? What do you do day in and day out that moves the team toward the summit?

CLEAR – You must have crystal clarity on your organizational and departmental mission. Are you totally certain and exacting about your role? Is your time missionally invested? Clouds and haze shroud moutain peaks. If you aren’t sure of the direction, the expedition will die on the mountainside.

COMPELLING – Can you paint the picture to others? What colors do you use? Most of our palettes are black and white with a few shades of gray for variety. Brainstorm a new color scheme. Think bigger. No one will give their life to summit a molehill.

CREATIVE – How many different ways can it be said, preached, illustrated, graphic-ed, and slogan-ed. One of your jobs is to make sure your fellow climbers don’t nod off to sleep due to the numbness of boredom. Missional freshness is a monstrous leadership task and essential to a successful climb. How much time and how do you log fresh, exciting, and creative ways to point others to the peak?