Vision is the big picture of the preferable future you are painting for your organization or team. But vision evaporates. People simply have so much on their individual platters that here is no way or them to keep the important things constantly in the forefront of their minds. That is the job of leadership. One organization when compiling all forms of communication with their employees for the last year found that only 1% of it was about the visionary company-wide change initiative they were about to undertake. Huge stop sign there, uh?

I am working with a church in South Bend right now that has just gone through the challenging process of crafting a clear and articulate vision statement.  No one would have ever calculated the important ripple this would have throughout the ranks for leadership into the congregation.  The excitement and ethos this is creating is nothing short of remarkable. But without this great vision being spread around, talked about, hired to, and the tape measure of success it will simply evaporate like the morning dew.

What is the cumulative exposure your team has had to the mission and vision? Never minimize the now famous trickle-down effect.

How often do you assess mission drift in your area? Here is a crucial leadership task. Ruthless, frequent evaluation keeps the troops from wheel-spinning frustration and precious time waste.  How often are you evaluating what you do in your ministry areas and initiatives against whether it advances the cause of vision accomplishment?

How often do you point the way for your team? Vision evaporates and without constant vigilance here, fuzzy thinking will set in. Many will tell you vision casting is THE fundamental leadership necessity.

How often do you make others on the team cast the vision? This is forced 3rd party learning. This shows how well you are pushing vision out into the rippling concentric circles of your team and organism.

2 Responses to “VISION EVAPORATES”

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