Pulled or Pushed

Change happens when we become discontent enough with the status quo to actively take steps.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

The above stated catalyst for change is now well known. Typically, say the experts, some discomfort must be felt to move humans and organizations off the comfortability of dead center. Why would any of us spend the time and feel the pain that change brings when things are nicely coasting along?

This model of how change is initiated essentially says change happens when we are EJECTED from the present due to some crisis, pain, or discontent. This paradigm may in fact be accurate. But the question is, should it be? Should we always be PUSHED form the present as if growth is always driving us away from something or should we instead look ahead in the cool and calm of current peace and seek to be PULLED into a preferable future?

My desire is to see us create through visionizing prayer future scenarios that are so compelling and so motivating that we are pulled toward them. This seems to be a far cry from the “ejection from the present” model of most change theorists. If we can be pulled to the future instead of pushed from the present, we are setting ourselves up for significant momentum and health.

Key steps:
1.    Constantly envision your preferable future.  Are you operating from a quiet center where intuition emerges from the future?  (this is the topic of a book I am writing for release in late 08)
2.    Daily build architecture that prepares for that future. Are you constantly positioning yourself for that future when it arrives?
3.    Keep others motivated toward that future instead of motivated by crisis.
4.    Keep your pulse on “am I being pushed or pulled?”
5.    Keep fresh input in your life to prevent rut formation.   New knowledge streams stand as the single most important habit of my life.


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