Limitations and Innovations

Let Limitations guide you to breakthroughs.
Price Pritchett


When we speak of doing things in a ‘new way’ for some this brings feelings of frustration and stymied paralysis. Every great discovery, invention, or breakthrough was previously thought to be ‘impossible.’ Simply stated ‘limitations’ are pathways to innovation, creativity and paradigm shifting. But they only function as pathways (instead of roadblocks) if we can reframe them as exciting catalysts and opportunities.

Limitations and constraints, the seeking of the better approach, force us out of standard operating procedure. They often force us to look to the experts – whether in the print of podcast versions. But here is the downside of that solution approach, it may slam the door to creativity and make us rut ridden if the experts haven’t encountered our scenario. Only 5% of us can innovate a new model of anything says Stanford Research. Why? My guess is we have wrongly conceived that innovation and new paths are the domain of the genius. Instead, let limitations or the quest for a better way push you toward greater cleverness, solutions of simplicity and elegance. This is the domain of the spirit inside us all, this is the arena of the imago dei.

Feel cornered by a tough situation, pressured to cut a new path? Look for the trap door of innovation, resist the temptation for over-the-counter mass-produced solutions, and use the escape route of creativity to write a new recipe or redesign the blue-prints. Creativity is more exhilarating, productive and fits the context much better than the pre-packaged ones off the shelves.

This is the new leadership download, not established repertoire leadership, but the in-the-moment-make-it-happen inspiration rooted in the image of God at our core.


3 Responses to “Limitations and Innovations”

  1. You hit the nail on the head for me bro. I’ve most certainly been guilty of leaving the “deep thinking” too others in the past…..sometimes due to feelings of inadequacy and other times due to pure laziness. Thanks for continuing to push me out of my comfort zone(s), challenging me to look for new and better ways to think about things and giving me the support and encouragement to do so. You have enabled me to see the image of God in everything around and inside me. Thanks friend.

  2. I’ve noticed that at times I have hit the roadblock of innovation – and at a loss for creatine-new ideas with my own situations. Yet, inteerestingly, at the same time I’ve experienced several conversations where the other person had hit roadblock (in a similar area as me), yet in this context my mind raced with questions, what if’s, and innovative ideas of a new possibility… It’s in there (God’s image), but often locked up. Something in me triggers and unlocks though when I’m on the other side of the table. What if I could continue to grow and ‘flip the trigger’ with myself?

    One thing I’ve done to try and re-train myself to break the roadblock and flip the trigger is get with another person involved in ministry similar, yet different than mine and began conversing (collaborative leadership – I call it).

    This way I’m talking more about my own roadblocks… and hearing another’s… in the process the inovative-spirit is being exercised… and hopefully begin experiencing a transfer of it from other’s situations to my own…

  3. This sounds like a good response to why MaGyver appealled to so many. It did not matter the limitation, the script writers would innovate some solution to get him out of any situation. This is a great topic. Have you ever read or heard of a book called “Flow?” I appreciate your thoughtful topics. Keep it up.

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