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Change. Some hate it, others fear it, some sleep through it. But a few select – the achievers – welcome it and throw the rest of us into turmoil.
Erik Olesen – Mastering the Winds of Change


Erik Olesen in a recent book discusses the 12 non-negotiables of being change resilient. His 12 steps are discussion worthy.

1. View change as an exhilarating challenge. Turn the challenge positive, convert fear to energy, seize the opportunity. Your view makes the difference.
2. Build commitment to your job. Learn to have passion, love and compelling goals; no heart without these in place.
3. Stay committed. Persist and stay missionally focused.
4. Know when to control and when to let go. You can’t control everything, so let go of what you can’t.
5. Deal with set backs. They strengthen and teach you. Don’t bury them. That will be counterproductive.
6. Be optimistic. Hope based on realistic evaluation. This is not idealism or pie-in-the-sky responsibility.
7. Use humor – lots.
8. Learn from mistakes. Don’t over inflate. No self-pity.
9. Maintain perspective. Spiritual input & day retreats. Sitting and walking Meditations
10. Tune the body. Exercise is key to balance.
11. Build your confidence. Great preparation, knowledge and visualizing the result will be great rehearsal.
12. Communicate and help others. Get and give support. The Lone Ranger is a TV show – not reality. Even he had Tonto.