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Solving or Creating?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2007 by velocityvortx

The greatest statesmen in history have not been problem solvers. They have been builders and creators.

Robert Fritz – Author

There is a profound difference between problem solving and creating Problem solving is taking action to have something to go away – the problem. Creating is taking action to have some thing come into being  – the creation. Most of us have been raised n the tradition of problem solving and have little insight or experience in to the creative process.

Problem solvers propose elaborate schemes to identify and define the problem, and equally detailed analyses of the best solutions and options. If successful you may eliminate the problem; you have the absence of something. But you still do not have the presence of a result you want to create.

We do have many problems that constantly need solving. But from politics to education, from business to church ministry, problem solving will never create the outcomes, the preferable futures, the compelling alternatives that we seek. That is simply because elimination of anything no matter how bad never creates anything.

Is God fundamentally a problem solver or creator? What do we typically ask of God? What is you fundamental orientation? How much time do you spend on each? What are the concrete ways to move toward creating? Can you see creating something simultaneously that can solve some of the problems you had? What is your creative process?

Concretely?  Think about a personal best on creating something.  Go back and try and think about your state of mind, the environment you were in, the intuitional sense you had.  Now how did you prototype that new thing about to be born?  What experiments did you try?  How long did it take?  These questions will start to get you in touch with your process and what it takes to creatively birth instead of laboriously solve.


Two Notch Immersion Principle

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“It doesn’t matter if you’ll never need calculus; you need to take it to learn to think in new ways.”

RJ Martoia, my dad.

Great leadership requires very good communication. This is no secret and has been stated in all the literature on the topic. There are two sides to the communication coin however. There is the “material I communicate” side and the “how well I verbally pass on the information” side. The material side is the focus of this little nugget.

Every communicator sooner or later (usually later) learns good communication down line or to teammates requires you having unusual clarity and command of your material. The 2 notch immersion principle says, to communicate well at a certain level requirees you to be conversant with the same material at least a couple notches above what you are passing on. Take an algebra teacher; algebra teacher training includes trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus training. Why? Because understanding two notches above gives deeper and greater insight into the fundamentals of what is being explained at the algebra level.

This approach to better communication requires some immersion in the topic if you really want to feel equipped and be prepared. This is true in almost every area of communication. Are you reading 2 notches up in theology and biblical material (you are going to be increasingly asked biblical and theological questions in our postmodern world)? Are you reading 2 notches ahead in how teams develop (you are starting to teach others how to develop teams aren’t you)? Here is the diagnostic question; where do I need clearer communication?

Start working toward that 2 notch higher mark.