It’s ON!

The r(e)formation conversation is ON!  Ron, along with other Christian visionaries, is in Berlin to talk, to listen, to dream.  This band of futurists, including Leonard Sweet, Alan Hirsch, Mark Batterson, Chris Seay, George Barna, Younglae Kim (South Korea), Wolfgang Simson (Germany) and many others will make their way from Berlin to Wittenberg traveling at autobahn speed but slowing down long enough to humbly and openly discuss the path of spiritual formation, theological frameworks, cultural shifts and next steps for the Church …how to continue the work of Christ on earth in this context.  And we get to join the journey!!!
Over the next couple of days this blog will provide you an update on what is happening at the r(e)formation…topics, speakers, etc.   Ron leads the conversation tomorrow night (which is early afternoon here on the east coast) and he will be facilitating a conversation on moving spiritual formation from an informational model to a more awareness/seeing/sensing model. Keep Ron and all of the participants in your thoughts and prayers.
A couple of other conversation titles that have my attention already:
A Jesus Kind of Human
From a Market- to a Kingdom-shaped Church
From Let’s Tong with the Bible to ReOrientation thru the Bible
“Long gone are the days that the church is at the center of the world’s attention. In the new post-modern, post-Christian era, the church must reclaim its servant role. And also start to do it in small, big new ways. Wittenberg is about finding the church’s role again…about a small group of concerned, beyond-the-box thinkers from all over the globe that will sit together, walk together and journey together for a few days to dream new dreams about God’s people in the world” writes Stephan Joubert, echurch contributor. Some of the best work of the Church has taken place when we have been on the fringes of the world’s attention.  We’ll see…seeing…that’s a good start!

For additional details  click here. 
nancy carpenter…I assist ron 

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  1. Heh – This is so good. i would love to represent Africa in the conversation. I am a senior pastor of an r(e)formational church in Johannesburg and am busy with my doctorate with Len Sweet in the Gap between today’s church and tomorrow’s world. Hope to hear how to connect with this.

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