Barna’s 9

Looks like George Barna, renowned sociologist and researcher, started the r(e)formation off with a bang or 9 of them to be exact. Here they are…the 9 key observations challenging the church of our time.

1.  Leadership is shifting from the old to the new.

2.  Church leadership is moving from the US to other nations.

3.  The stranglehold of old institutions is dying.

4.  God is amassing resources within the US church for it to partner with the world.

5.  God is expanding the ways in which faith can be experienced and expressed.

6.  Faith is becoming a controversial part of every life dimension.

7.  God is stirring interest in the powerless.

8.  God is shrinking the world through technology.

9.  God is allowing a heightened friction between faiths.

Wow…each one worthy of probing and perhaps we can get the details on a couple later.  No. 9 has me very curious.  What’s hitting you as you read through that list?    

Here’s a bit more on the leadership piece…

Barna describes a radical change in church leadership.  Research in the area of church leadership shows a dramatic decline in the “known” leaders, or the “gurus” of the spiritual world. Where around 7 out of every 10 Americans know exactly who Billy Graham is (and other spiritual influencers of the more modern age), there is a dramatic decline in the awareness and knowledge of other ‘well known’ spiritual leaders.  Barna also conveyed that charismatic leadership is a thing of the past. He described people connect with others – in relations – rather than with the “guru”.  

Tomorrow… a bit of the terrain that Ron covered.  

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2 Responses to “Barna’s 9”

  1. I find number 4 intriguing… I am a staff member of a 100 person church, and sure we put money into worship and children’s programs… but we are starting to exert a lot of effort/resources into helping nonprofits in our area. Folks are galvanized by helping those that are really doing a lot of the helping in today’s world.

  2. #8 – God is shrinking the world through technology – continues to astound me. We are living in some of the most amazing times in human history, ever. Exciting because of the potential. Daunting because of the responsibility.

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