Disputation, Harmony or Both?

While this day might have us reviewing the disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, maybe it serves our purposes better to take a look at what some present day Luthers talked about in Wittenberg while celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation. Disputation, harmony, or both?


Let’s look at some of what Christian Schwartz and Mark Batterson talked about at the r(e)formation on October 30th.



Schwartz stressed the fact that not only individuals, but churches should leave their comfort zones in order to explore more of the identities of God that we do not know, are less comfortable with, and sometimes even simply “distrust”. Using his Three Colors research, he emphasized leaving the mode in which we feel comfortable – towards the area of spirituality where we may feel real uncomfortable. The reason for this, states Schwartz, is simple: it causes us to understand others, to learn more about who God is, to grow spiritually and to stretch our spiritual muscles, so to speak.

Three Colors offers practical tools to help you identify your starting point and experience the revolutionary power of God’s unconventional love in your life. Three Colors describes the three fundamental dimensions of God’s love that every believer can reflect in his or her life: justice, truth and grace. Depending on your starting point, your personal growth path may be very different to someone else’s.



Mark starts with a R.T. Kendall quote. “The greatest opposition to what God is doing today comes from those who were on the cutting edge of what God was doing yesterday”. Topic headers were deconstruction, reconstruction, and contextual intelligence. Here’s part of the deconstruction and construction conversation.

Things Batterson sees in Deconstruction

  1. Calling us back into the marketplace—build bridges back to our culture
  2. We need to get back to our Primal Mission—A18 Initiative
  3. Get back to Spirit-Led endeavors—Peel away some of the institutional layers, Wild Goose
  4. Get back to High-Octane Truth—we need to be a voice of truth in a politically correct, relativistic society
  5. Get back to Hands-On servanthood—we need to own Christlike causes, Convoy of Hope, Thailand Team, AIDS Colony

Far-side simplicity- that is where you end up!


Brain stimulation depends on task familiarization. Novelty stimulates the right-brain. Familiarity stimulates the left-brain. Longitudinal studies show that the average person experiences a shift from right to left over the course of their lifetime. The center of cognitive gravity shifts from right to left.

The bottom line is this. As we age, one of two things will happen: either memory will overtake imagination or imagination will overtake memory. We can do ministry out of memory or ministry out of imagination.




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  1. Wow….interesting…

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