I am intrigued how developmental experts from Jung to Kegan tell us we are trying to find ourselves and our voice in our 20’s, are convinced we will make a dent in the world in our 30’s and move into a reality where our ego has been chastened in our 40’s.  It is here where we come to see our shadow selves, those parts of our self we have denied, hidden from or ignored.  Those shadow parts we now want to see integrated into a whole self, acknowledging warts and all.

In many ways the 30’s are about finding that one big thing we think the world will remember us for.  In our 40’s we realize how much of the dent making ambition was rooted in ego  and how much more inviting integrated wholeness is.  This is without doubt the journey I have experienced.

The practices of my 20’s and 30’s were largely “performance enhancing” an effort to create better impact.  The patterns and practices being engaged now are more for wholeness, awareness, seeing and integration


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