Fuller Deeper Life?

Jon Kabat-Zinn leader in mind/body medicine and a leading psychologist…

There is a huge and rising hunger on the part of just about everybody for authentic experience and reconnecting with what’s deepest and best in ourselves in an ever accelerating and complex world.

For the last decade there has been a tremendous amount of research going on that demonstrates dramatic and lasting change for the better springs from radically shifting your perspective of who you are. Great external change comes out of this shift in perspective. This shift in perspective comes from how and where we direct our attention and intention

Jesus said I have come to give you full life, abundant (perissos) life, over the top life.

I want to suggest that Jesus came for the express purpose of helping us shift our perspective so we can experience this transformative life.

Think about Jesus’ opening sermon picked up from John the Baptist…

Reorient your lives (repent, some have suggested “move beyond your mind”) the Kingdom of God is the framework you need to see right now!

(Metanoia in the context of theological discussion, where it is often used, is usually interpreted to mean repentance. However, some people argue that the word should be interpreted more literally to denote changing one’s mind, in the sense of embracing thoughts beyond its present limitations or thought patterns (an interpretation which is compatible with the denotative meaning of repentance but replaces its negative connotation with a positive one, focusing on the superior state being approached rather than the inferior prior state being departed from).

Now what exactly is fuller or deeper life?

If a surveyor were to ask you that question how would you respond??

Please post your thoughts.


2 Responses to “Fuller Deeper Life?”

  1. bryonharvey Says:

    This topic is where my research is heading for my dissertation. In truth I don’t feel that I’ve keyed in on it very much yet. I’m still in the early minutes of this wrestling match. I do think that what we are now teaching in the evangelical church is anemic. I don’t think most Christians truly experience all that God has for them. It’s something to do with what eternal life truly means and what it means to live in the kingdom of God in its “already” sense.

    If I had to answer the question succinctly the way you asked it, I would say that it’s living God’s kingdom reality today. This inludes our thoughts, relationships, and worship.

  2. Amy Vodicka Says:

    The question brought to mind a dream I had other night. I knew this wasn’t an ordinary brain-cache dumping dream, but a God dream- the kind through which he teaches you deep, lasting soul lessons.

    There were two windows. One was smaller, situated on a wall low and to the left. It held a full view of indiscernible, chaotic, meaningless clutter. The second was a very large, open, airy picture window, and was positioned high on the wall to the right- too high on the wall to see the horizon- nothing visible but blue sky. I was completely concerned with the smaller window, carefully watching the clutter; cognizant of the larger one, but ignoring it. The message was clear. I’ve been focusing on the chaos of my life -the things and circumstances that I can see- and completely missing the “big picture”. Walking by sight, and not by faith. I began to meditate on what it might take to change my focus from the smaller, clutter-filled “window” to the larger one- the one holding the unseen/unknown. To actually, really and fully walk by faith and not by sight. I can’t prove this by a Barna study, but it seems the average, garden variety American believer doesn’t have a lot of experience in this arena. I certainly don’t.

    The fuller, deeper life? For me, it’s the process of learning each step of this concept. Letting go of my sight with all its assumptions and misconceptions… to practice trusting the Holy Spirit with more and more…and even more and more; to live my relationship with Jesus outside our cage of physics, in another dimension through prayer. To sever the bonds of stuff and self – truly allowing the Kingdom agenda to become my utmost desire. What an adventure…What a choice…

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