From Autopilot to Aware

Part of the shift in perspective (some call it conversion or transformation of our awareness) is learning to live from the deepest fullest “self”. I would call this the Imago Dei. Us learning to live from the breath of God part of who we are, the highest, best, most whole, true self.

When we can connect to the deepest part of who we are, we are moving past the false self (“old man” to us the non inclusive Pauline term) and learning to…

· 1. live out of our true self moment by moment
· 2. And allowing connection to whatever is… as it emerges

In these two places we begin experiencing fuller deeper life, the perissos (abundant) life Jesus said he came to bring.

This is essentially what has been called our consciousness….what are you conscious of day to day? Moment to moment? What are you aware of? In the Christian world we are afraid of certain words. Consciousness is one of them. But Jesus talked a lot about consciousness and awareness, about not being asleep and blind but awake and aware.

This was essentially what Jesus was getting at when he said the kingdom of God is in your around you.

In other words what are you conscious of? Are you aware of a bigger invisible world out there operating quietly but present nonetheless?

In the next several weeks we will be looking at all sorts of passages where Jesus is inviting us to a higher/deeper/fuller level of consciousness.

Another way of saying it is moving from being hypnotized to being awake and aware.

Do you realize you are often on autopilot and not aware? You miss exits when you are driving down the expressway? There is one example. Have any others?


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