Expanding Our Awareness of the World

Our last entry a couple weeks ago dealt with the move from sleep to awake, from hypnotized to aware,  from blind to seeing. These shifts imply and assume a shift in our consciousness.

So what is our consciousness?

I feel a need to define our terms so we are clear what we mean when we use these terms that are relatively unfamiliar to us in the Christian world.

Consciousness is the quality of our mind that includes our own internal reality.  It includes our self-awareness, our relationship to our environment, our relationship to the people in our lives, and our worldview or model of reality.

Your consciousness, or perception of reality, is created by the interactions of your subjective and objective life.  (Your subjective life being your interior world and your objective life being your exterior world…those two coming together is what creates your world view.)  Simply put consciousness is HOW YOU EXPERIENCE THE WORLD.

I am trying to link this to what Jesus was doing when he came to earth.  He was trying to get us to shift how we viewed and therefore experienced the world.

I want us to work on understanding how and in what ways we can transform our consciousness. That would mean….

1.  Heightening our awareness and moving from asleep to awake (think about how Jesus warned of sleepiness!!!)

2.  Transformation of our internal dialogue that creates the false self and tells a broken and incomplete story

3.  Awareness and transformation of our worldview and mental models which is how we make meaning in our lives

In other words radically shifting your consciousness means radically shifting your perspective of who you are.  Can you think of ah-ha moments or the culmination of a slow process where you had one of these shifts?


5 Responses to “Expanding Our Awareness of the World”

  1. bryonharvey Says:

    This seems a little one-sided. It is very anthrocentric. What is Jesus’ part in this? How does he facilitate this change in consciousness?

  2. totally fair question Byron. Of course this depends a bit on what you are thinking is too anthropocentric. When Jesus makes an invitation to the kindgom, (reorient the kingdom of God is at hand) or says hey “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.” He is making observations with (I think) implicit invitations. Jesus’ part is huge. He sets the stage, creates the playing field, frames a larger field. As I understand Jesus he creates the situation I have to walk into it. This is where I think the reformed position often goes a bit awry. Jesus does ask us to DO something. He gives the invitation and direction in which he invites the DOING. Further, I think Jesus is the one that creates the ah-ha moment I refer to. Elijah on the mountain, Paul on the Damascus Blvd. Peter, James and John on Transfiguration Mountain, all Jesus. But again he created conditions the human still had to respond. Any one of these guys could have ignored the possible ah ha. And there are lots of examples we could probably cite where we do just that. BH I love how you struggle with all this stuff. Open to being malleable to a point and then questioning. This IS the process of growth. Have a great new year my man.

  3. bryonharvey Says:

    Happy New Year to you as well. I look forward to continued conversations.

  4. […] moving from life to eternal life Ron Martoia wrote an interesting post regarding how we understand the world and how that understanding should be reshaped by following Jesus. You can read it here. […]

  5. Jeff Wren Says:

    Thanks again for 10 plus years of exposing me and my family of a new path and new opportunity to grow closer with Christ. You never cease in each encounter either live, phone or web to move me to thinking outside the box of
    of traditional churchianity.

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