Shifting Your (World)-View

How you experience the world may feel completely arbitrary.  You may say I experience the world this way because this is the way the world is.  We become attached to what we become convinced is true.

To a great extent it is these beliefs about the world that impact what we are capable of SEEING.  It is these beliefs that determine our perception of reality.

What our worldview doesn’t expand to see is quite literally out of our perception.  (You may remember an earlier post ASSIMILATION VS. ACCOMODATION).

When our view of the world shifts what we see shifts as well, even though it has been there all along.  I do believe this is what Jesus was doing with the kingdom of God. But I think there are even more day-to-day implications we often miss.

What does this mean to how we judge ourselves?  Our relationships?  The potentials we see in others and ourselves?

We all have these experiences where once it is in our worldview we say things like “that is so obvious how could I have missed that in the past”.  But it was worldview blindness.

We do the same with biblical passages or any major a-ha’s we experience.  Once it is in our worldview it is clear.

I think transformation is quite literally a change in the way you see the world, and therefore a shift in how you see yourself and make meaning in the world.

When you realize for instance of the first time that everyone at core is the same imago dei for instance, that is a massive shift that drops the judger from the dominant framework of how you view the world.  Everyone is just like you: the same at core, the same image of God, the same infection that clouds that image.  All judgment is based on the inability to see our sameness and not get past superficial difference.

Next post we will explore how this is dominantly the garden problem that permeates most of the biblical story.


2 Responses to “Shifting Your (World)-View”

  1. Elsa-the-Poet and I had a conversation on this theme last week that in all of our relationships we tend to “like” people who make us see ourselves in a way that makes us feel good and “dislike” or be hurt by those who challenge our image of ourselves.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. Ron,

    This is a great post. You have described what has happened in my journey over the last 5 years of young adulthood. FYI – It was your velocity culure conference cd set 04, (i think was the year) that really pushed me and opened my eyes to many areas both culturally and theologically. I have truly said, “that is so obvious how could I have missed that in the past” as a result. Thanks, i am truly grateful.

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