Let’s take our last post down to some practical learning.

Seeing the sameness in each other, the unity already present is crucial to how we are able to come to appreciate different perspectives and not cram someone else’s perspective into mine.

This means I have to acknowledge and even appreciate…

I don’t have all the truth.

I can’t have all the truth.

I can’t have the full perspective.


The collective view/mind WE all experience together is so much better than my narrow limited view.

I can’t take that posture when I am judging you as inferior to me.

I when I see our sameness and am growing in my ability to hold more and more complexity I am also able to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously.  I don’t moving around from viewpoint to viewpoint. I really am expanding my awareness to encompass more possibilities and able to to ask questions like…

What are the possibilities in the kingdom of God?

Are these possibilities limited by my current perspective?

Is my worldview expanding?

Here I think is one of the crux issues…


If you can’t admit that, if you can’t awaken, reorient, and transcend your mind then you are stuck in your little world (this is the very essence of metanoia/repentance).

Transformation requires this tension with incompleteness.

In human development we call this the move from conventional to postconventional understanding.  This is a move from my understanding of the world IS the world…to my understanding of the world is ONE view of the world and by definition is therefore perspectival, incomplete and maybe even inaccurate.

Hence the need for multiple perspectives, perspectives that are genuinely valuable (I don’t simply act like they are valuable).

Watching an accident on 4 different street corners and realizing we all see, highlight, or can’t see certain things in the accident is precisely an apt analogy as to why even with the story of Jesus we have four versions from four different street corners (thank you Matt Mark Luke and John).


One Response to “Perspectives”

  1. sal vasquez Says:

    This understanding would def. help us craft better spiritual conversations, and allow us to connect with people by entering into their perspective. And from that place point out where God is in their life…. So much of the modern message is us wanting people to grab hold of our perspective and if/when then don’t we just move on to the next person (treating them like spiritual prostitutes). We say things like “I’m shaking the dust off my feet”, or “That person must not be called” etc. Instead of loving people exactly where their at and pointing God out in their lives, we want to convert people to the way we see things, our religious culture, our denomination, our way of worshiping etc.

    Just one thought!

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