Stages and States

In resuming my reflections on “Perspectives” that I did back on Feb. 7th, I want to head back into our thoughts about transformation….

Studies indicate real transformation, as we have been talking about it here, is something that lasts forever. It’s integrated into your new, ever expanding matrix and mindset. Transformation from this perspective alters how you see your self and make sense of the world around you. This would include God, others, self and even the cosmos.

This is exactly why we distinguish this as a stage of consciousness development and not a state.

There are states of consciousness to include awake, asleep, trance (Paul apparently had something like this on the Damascus road, and when he was caught up into the third heaven}, day dreaming, visions, some ecstatic utterance-tongues, as well as peak experiences in sports.

I had a ridiculous golf experience a few years ago where I got into the zone for 27 holes and literally had the best day of golf in my life that was so over the top better than my typical game that I was having a wild surreal experience. I then went home and painted a 5×6 foot canvas in about 45 minutes, one of the best paintings I have ever done. Those canvas’ usually take me 3-4 hours minimum to complete. Something happened to me that day that was a state of consciousness change. But that is a not a stage change.

All of these states of consciousness may have nothing to do with moving you to a new stage of consciousness or transformation. Another way of explaining this is to realize as you become more and more aware of the false self and how the false self is constructed as a way for you to present something other than the true self…that realization and shedding of the false self is transformation.

• I have been crucified with Christ…. Laying the false self down.

The false self by definition buries elements of your true self that you are hiding or are hiding from. As we deal with the false self and begin living within the truth of the true self, the habits and patterns of the false self begin to dissolve

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” Jesus said. (John 8:32)


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