Surprise, Mystery and Possibility


What is Scripture?

For a long time we have seen…

·      The Bible as a rule book…

·      The Bible as an answer book…


The metaphors we choose determine the approach we take. When a pastor says the inspired word of God is His owners manual for your life, this does certain things to the way you are now going to view and approach the text. 


Throughout history there have been lots of other ways of approaching the Bible and of course each group thinks they have a corner on the market of “rightness.” 


What if the Bible is suppose to give us a spiritual set of eyes.. not a list of rules to live by but a new set of eyes about how God has interacted in this world and how that has changed as the people He is interacting with have changed and evolved?


What if we handled the mini stories of Scripture within the larger context of the big story of scripture….and NOT AS TREASURE CHESTS OF PRINCIPLES TO APPLY?


What if the Bible is meant to give us windows into two things

·      1. The big fat story of how God has acted in history

·      2.  Windows on how God has acted in the past so we come to our relationship with Him ready for His surprise, mystery and possibility… like the possibility of IMPROVISATION


If you are interested in discovering…




Join us on Sunday nights at SPIRITUAL EXPLORATIONS LIVE with Ron at 6:00pm EDT. 



You may register weekly or monthly. The fee is  $10/person/week or $40/person/month paid by  clicking on the “Donations Spiritual Explorations” button on the homepage at to register. Register no later than 7:00pm EST the Saturday before the session you are attending. The instructions for Sunday night’s conversation will be emailed to you by 4:00pm EDT the Sunday afternoon of that night’s conversation.





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