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Noetic Experience as Catalytic

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Pain brings us to a place where we wrestle with the true stuff of life. 

Death, relational fracture, meaning, who I am, deep disappointments
(this is not the way I thought life would turn out!)  all of these give
us transformational opportunities why?

Because we come to realize we have been on autopilot with some
assumptions…and those assumptions always determine how we understand
the self.  The WHO AM I question. 

What are some of the assumptions you have operated with over the years
that you have come to realize in your awareness were actually causing
some of your suffering or preventing you from experiencing full life? 
Perissos life (abundant life of John 10.10)?

•    One of my big assumptions – map your life by figuring out what you
are called to and then work hard to stay on the mapped terrain. 

•    If you obey God you will be blessed and life will be better and easier for it!

Recognition of our assumptions that inform how we form our identity
help us loosen control and dissolve the pain coming from those

Obedience brings blessing…I can’t tell you how many people I know that
have experienced deep pain over this issue because they came to realize
after years and years that they were disappointed with God because this
was the hidden assumption.

This goes a long way in us telling us stories about ourselves to
ourselves about what God and others think and value or not value in us.

2.    Noetic Experiences…

Noetic comes from the Greek word nous that refers to a subjective
personal experiential sort of knowledge.  It is direct experience

Not all transformative doorways are painful.  23 % say unpleasant. 51% very pleasant.

These would be moments we move beyond ordinary awareness to spiritual awareness which should be ordinary but isn’t.

Moments of profound awe…the sunset example comes to mind. 

Wonder, transcendent bliss, these can be portals into deep last change that open us to a world that we didn’t know existed. 

•    Elijah had this on the side of a mountain
•    Paul had this on the Damascus road.
•    Peter James and John had this on the Mount of Transfiguration

I think what is especially interesting for my journey is I had a very
deep noetic experience bonefishing that put me on an awareness journey
I would have never been on otherwise, and 30 days later (almost to the
day) saw my marriage unravel and my wife filing for divorce)

Both portals of pain and noetic experiences hitting at the juncture of
having just left my church of 18 years to start into a new ministry
arena were catalytic in provoking a new transformational horizon for me.

Noetic experiences can also happen though as a part of protracted practice….

Ongoing meditation practice.  Jesus’ prayer, only do what I see the father do.

What both of these experiences do is help us realize we have been
living in a personally storied circumscribed world.  In other words the
world I am living in is much much smaller than the world I am currently
becoming aware of….my consciousness is expanding…my world is expanding,
my awareness is expanding.


It Just Clicks

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The contemplative mind finds itself in the present, in the now.  Sometimes the only way to understand and experience what this contemplative mind is, what this nonduality is, is to acknowledge the moment when you have come out of this sense, this feeling, this experience of the present.  Sometimes it’s easier to describe what this presentness is by describing what it is not.  You know that there is a oneness experienced in the now because you have experienced a different space…if only for a moment.  Something just emerges…something just clicks.  You long for this way of being. 


Sometimes it’s the same when you have come out of a conversation where a group meets and something almost indescribable has happened. Something in the space just ‘clicked’.  You know what you have experienced only later, when you begin to reflect on the discussion or the conversation.  You realize the space that was created in that conversation was special.  Everyone came together, slowed down, allowed the other to BE , to talk without an agenda,  with a deep desire to grow.   There was a guide that led the conversation that seemed to practice a presence that leaked into the room and allowed for group to come to together. What emerged was transformational.   


Velocity Learning Conversations allow for just this type of experience…a space created where something indescribable happens…it just clicks.  You are forever changed.  People in a church, in the community, and/or even in the region come together for a day of conversation with Ron to engage questions of culture, leadership, evangelism, theology, human development, and/or spiritual formation.  Transformation happens in this forum.


Will you consider bringing Ron to your area for a Velocity Learning Conversation.  You can host a day with Ron in your community, allowing leaders in your area to register for a day that goes beyond conference highs to deep dialogue. You can offer your area an opportunity that will not require individuals to absorb flight or gas costs, hotel accommodations, meals, etc., the costs of traveling.  The really sweet part of hosting…if you get enough registrants, the day pays for itself.  Hosting a VLC promote church collaboration in your area.  You can partner with churches in your area and schedule this day with relative ease. 


Here is a look at the many conversations that are offered and contact us at or  if you are interested in additional details.

Pain and Awakening

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Some of us have had moments of clarity and real awakening…I have shared mine of 5 years ago this June as I jumped a plane to head on a trip and my deep realization I had really fused with the church I had pastored for 18 years.  Others of us have been slowly awakening.  It doesn’t matter which it is. 

This might be conversion in the traditional Christian sense but it also might be something quite different from conversion, which is clearly the situation for me.  My conversion was largely church enculturation, coming to realize my need for something more than Ron, my need for Jesus…but that is NOT when I went through awakening to the imago dei in me.

So that said, what are the portals to …
transformation of our consciousness or
the expansion of our consciousness or
the broadening of our awareness or perspective?

The experts say…


This can be deep brokenness from the loss of a loved one, a tragic accident a sudden or untimely death,
Relational brokenness or betrayal, divorce, loss of dear friend, coming face to face with deep personal limits or disappointment, discrimination, male/female or race.

Personal pain of this sort is usually not something most people experience much of till mid life…which is where for most people a sort of waking up is most likely to happen.

One Franciscan spiritual director says we live on the circumference of our lives and the only things that can move us to get deeply intouch with our true center is pain and prayer (which for him is a way of seeing life not reciting a list of needs to God)

Lets talk about deep pain for a moment…

When we experience deep pain we move from the outer edge of life where we live most of the time and we get deeply in touch with something core and central to us.  There are those that deny pain, push it to a level of unawareness and that becomes a part of their shadow.

Pain is our companion of transformation.  This has been often overlooked in modern Christianity in the West because life has generally and comparatively been so easy in the west. 


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“The biblical text has to be intelligible in the cultural context in which we are called to do ministry. It is in the context that the human text or story is shaped. The text we live in and the shape of our story are functions of our personal experiences and the contexts into which we were born.”

( Page 75, Transformational Architecture)


As the American Dream guides and directs the lives of most Westerners and sadly, as the American Dream has entered the motivation of some churches…

How do we reshape our lives as narratives, as stories, in such a way as to flow into the larger story of God with Jesus’ razor focus on restoration?

How does the design and core yearnings of each person to believe, belong, and become guide us toward a wholeness offered by the Designer?

How do we get beyond a competitive stance of building “bigger” and “greater” with a win/lose spirit to embracing the imago dei in ourselves and all persons that we encounter?


At the office, on the production line, at the hospital, grocery store, school…

How do we enter the lives of our fellow human beings and live into and flow with the GREATER GOD STORY?

How do we begin conversations where Jesus started the conversations and begin the story where God started the story?

This is a part of what we will discuss at the upcoming online VLC .  We hope you will register today and lend your voice to the conversation on May 30th. 




MAY 30, 2009 9:00am EDT – 10:30am EDT

Register by May 22nd 

It’s never been more important to know God’s story and how one fits into it. Ron will guide a workshop that helps us to understand how to reach those around us with God’s Life-Changing Message of Hope.


Portals to Living More Deeply

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I want us to work on understanding how and in what ways we can transform our consciousness.  What do I mean by that? 

Consciousness as used here is the organ of awareness. 

       What am I conscious of?

        What am I aware of?

So to do what we talked about last week requires us to transform or expand our consciousness, to open up and expand our awareness.


Three things are really important to this journey if we want to live more deeply.

1.  Heightening our awareness and moving from asleep to awake

      Think about how Jesus warned of sleepiness!!!

2.  Transformation of our internal dialogue that creates the false self

     and tells a broken and incomplete story

3.  Awareness and transformation of our worldview and mental models

     which is how we make meaning in our lives. 


I think transformation is quite literally a change in the way you see the world, and therefore a shift in how you see yourself and make meaning in the world.

Another way of explaining this is to realize as you become more and more aware of the false self and how that is constructed as a way for you to present something for the world to see that is other than the true self.  The true you, that realization and shedding the false self, is transformation.  This is what is often referred as the difference between you and your persona.

What do you do this week to heighten awareness?  Did you do any sitting practice at all?  How did it work out for you?

It is tuning our awareness that moves us toward living out of the true self of new creation and leaving the false self and old creation behind.

The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture

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What if the bible is meant to give us windows into two things…

  1. A narrative that directly confronts and reshapes the narratives that have molded and shaped our lives.
  2. Windows on how God has acted in the past so we come to our relationship with Him open to surprise, mystery and possibility… like the possibility of IMPROVISATION

Grappling with, exploring, tasting, and seeing Scripture is par for the course these days in the Spiritual Explorations Live community that is taught by Ron on the web every Sunday evening.  Discovering that the Bible cannot be contained by a systematic approach, the Spiritual Explorations Live community is embracing the Bible in new and old ways,  experiencing what really is the LIVING Word and…

 The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture.


The Bible is evolutionary in it’s view of God because the people presenting the biblical stories are at a certain stage of personal AND SOCIETAL development.  The bible is evolutionary in it’s development so it can model the process of evolving for us.


The Bible is Revolutionary because it is inviting quantum shifts.  These quantum shifts have us exploring such questions as

What if the bible is supposed to be use to give us a spiritual set eyes about how God has interacted in this world and how that has changed as the people he is interacting with have changed and evolved?

What if we handled the mini stories of Scripture within the larger context of the big story of scripture….and NOT AS TREASURE CHESTS OF PRINCIPLES TO APPLY?

How do we recover from The Mythic Sky God that was in keeping with a view of cosmology that we have from the middle ages that was finally overturned Copernicus and Galileo?

How can we read the story as a story and avoid asking questions the story doesn’t answer?

Click here to watch this  video introduction to the series.

It has been a refreshing series that has provided a catalyst for honest conversation, catalyzing a deep desire to engage and reengage Scripture. 

Small Group Resource 

If you are looking for an amazing resource  for yourself, friends or  small group the first six conversations in the series are available on video at the velocity store.

You can now purchase…

The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture with the following topics of conversation…

A Genuine Inner Experience

The Evolutionary Nature of The Biblical Text

Understanding our Own Changing Self

Beyond the Mythic Sky God

Ten Characteristics of the Mythic Sky God

Reading the Genesis Narrative

Click here  to order through the velocityculture store.


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Jesus’ prayer in John 17 was for oneness.  I think this is a nondual, non-binary, non-polar sort of oneness.  Jesus was praying for oneness in the second great statement he made about the most important things…1. Love God with all you have and 2. Love neighbor as self…Not as much as you love yourself, but AS SELF…as if they were you!


I have been having a discussion with church leaders about how much of our in/out us/them stuff is we being caught in a developmental stuckness.


Shalom wholeness, what Jesus came to bring, HERE AND NOW, what we discover in John 10.10 is about us reconnecting to and living from Imago Dei, the true self, the Jesus part, the God part instead of from the False Self that has been defined by all sorts of other things instead of God.


  • The story you tell yourself in your head is what creates your reality; it is your perceptual apparatus.


That perception inside of you of the world outside of you is the view of the world you hold. It isn’t right or wrong, just your view.


Expansion of your life, expansion of the life of God in you, expansion of wholeness in you is totally predicated upon changing that perceptual apparatus…or another way of saying it is to let the old man/woman lose her job and become unemployed (this is the image Paul uses in Romans 6:6 let the old man become unemployed).


So whether you are on a slow burn or have had a cataclysmic moment, let me ask you to start engaging exercises that make you aware and expand your awareness.


We need to sit our way into awareness.  We need a sitting practice. When do you sit and become aware of your surroundings and just really take them in, noting the textures, hues, breeze and sounds around you?  Most of us are on autopilot so much of the time we miss these things.  When do you sit and become aware of your internal world… the breath you breathe, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel in your chest or stomach?  When do you do that?  When do you sit and observe people around you and sense where they are, what they are feeling, how they are coping? 


We need to sit into a new awareness that helps us with our own personal sensitivity to ourselves and to others.