Awareness Precedes Integration

The false self by definition buries elements of your true self, the true self  you are hiding or hiding from. As we deal with the false self (old man) and begin living within the truth of the true self (new man), the habits and patterns of the false self begin to dissolve. In many ways all growth, all fruit bearing, all letting the old man die, all new meaning making, all new seeing all of life as one fabric, and all moving toward wholeness is an expansion of our awareness.


Let me help you see a macro pattern or process I am working with as I am thinking through spiritual formation.


    • Awareness – all growth starts here. It can’t be otherwise.

Overeating, sadness/depression, irritability anger, etc. can’t be resolved until reflected upon. These can’t be reflected upon until they extend beyond the place of unconscious autopilot behaviors. This is the way all fruit of the spirit are borne. It can’t be any other way. 

This is why the myth of information being the key to life change has to be dissolved.  Information is the first step if it brings awareness. There the process begins.


    • Reflection- that which comes into awareness

Something new, odd, painful, deserves our reflection. What are we to learn from this? What is this telling us? What do I need to probe more fully?


    • Dialogue- my learnings can be tested in community or in conversation


    • Integration- how are these learnings and dialogues integrated more into my life?


Increasing our awareness or the expansion of our consciousness are both the same… right? What we are conscious of IS our consciousness expanding…this takes more and more out of what is unconscious and makes it conscious, hence the expansion of consciousness.


This can happen through a process or through profound shifts that seem more event oriented or momentary.


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