A Summer Edition

Next week, May 12th and 13th participants of III:TEXT.5, an online learning community led by Ron, will be meeting in beautiful Anthem, Arizona for two full days of conversation about the issue of transformation. Over the last few months this community of leaders has explored the transformation of self, understanding it and undergoing it.  We have discovered some of the critical tools of the leader who is desiring to help others experience transformation.  The combination of the parallel reading of the most tremendous texts…


Transformation is a movement toward increasing wholeness that simultaneously pushes toward diversity or uniqueness, becoming moreuniquely who we are, and toward unity and communion, recognizing how much we have in common with the universe.”  Tobin Hart’s From Information to Transformation 

“ Wisdom can be given and received only in a state of presence, with all three centers of our being engaged and awake.” Cynthia Bourgeault’s  The Wisdom Way of Knowing. 


…are paired in such a way as to bring understanding. This synthesis of texts combined with daily online, honest, and life giving conversation, as well as  live online author interviews provided a container that has us all changed, transformed.

III:TEXT is a place where leaders can engage and grapple with the core personal growth that has to happen if they are going to remain alive and healthy. There are III:TEXTs that must be engaged; the biblical text, the context and the human text. VelocityCulture is committed to making sure all three of these texts are studied, discussed, and engaged. When these three converge,the leader/learner will experience deep transformative change and understand how to journey with others in the same process.

Typically the modules are 3 months with an In Real Life Meeting but this June Ron will be leading



5 Weeks of Communitarian Learning

June 1st -June 29th

with a Video Conference Culmination on July 3rd

focusing on Cultural CONTEXT and Ministry Implications. 

We invite you to experience III:TEXT.  Click here to register!


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