Jesus’ prayer in John 17 was for oneness.  I think this is a nondual, non-binary, non-polar sort of oneness.  Jesus was praying for oneness in the second great statement he made about the most important things…1. Love God with all you have and 2. Love neighbor as self…Not as much as you love yourself, but AS SELF…as if they were you!


I have been having a discussion with church leaders about how much of our in/out us/them stuff is we being caught in a developmental stuckness.


Shalom wholeness, what Jesus came to bring, HERE AND NOW, what we discover in John 10.10 is about us reconnecting to and living from Imago Dei, the true self, the Jesus part, the God part instead of from the False Self that has been defined by all sorts of other things instead of God.


  • The story you tell yourself in your head is what creates your reality; it is your perceptual apparatus.


That perception inside of you of the world outside of you is the view of the world you hold. It isn’t right or wrong, just your view.


Expansion of your life, expansion of the life of God in you, expansion of wholeness in you is totally predicated upon changing that perceptual apparatus…or another way of saying it is to let the old man/woman lose her job and become unemployed (this is the image Paul uses in Romans 6:6 let the old man become unemployed).


So whether you are on a slow burn or have had a cataclysmic moment, let me ask you to start engaging exercises that make you aware and expand your awareness.


We need to sit our way into awareness.  We need a sitting practice. When do you sit and become aware of your surroundings and just really take them in, noting the textures, hues, breeze and sounds around you?  Most of us are on autopilot so much of the time we miss these things.  When do you sit and become aware of your internal world… the breath you breathe, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel in your chest or stomach?  When do you do that?  When do you sit and observe people around you and sense where they are, what they are feeling, how they are coping? 


We need to sit into a new awareness that helps us with our own personal sensitivity to ourselves and to others.


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