The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture

What if the bible is meant to give us windows into two things…

  1. A narrative that directly confronts and reshapes the narratives that have molded and shaped our lives.
  2. Windows on how God has acted in the past so we come to our relationship with Him open to surprise, mystery and possibility… like the possibility of IMPROVISATION

Grappling with, exploring, tasting, and seeing Scripture is par for the course these days in the Spiritual Explorations Live community that is taught by Ron on the web every Sunday evening.  Discovering that the Bible cannot be contained by a systematic approach, the Spiritual Explorations Live community is embracing the Bible in new and old ways,  experiencing what really is the LIVING Word and…

 The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture.


The Bible is evolutionary in it’s view of God because the people presenting the biblical stories are at a certain stage of personal AND SOCIETAL development.  The bible is evolutionary in it’s development so it can model the process of evolving for us.


The Bible is Revolutionary because it is inviting quantum shifts.  These quantum shifts have us exploring such questions as

What if the bible is supposed to be use to give us a spiritual set eyes about how God has interacted in this world and how that has changed as the people he is interacting with have changed and evolved?

What if we handled the mini stories of Scripture within the larger context of the big story of scripture….and NOT AS TREASURE CHESTS OF PRINCIPLES TO APPLY?

How do we recover from The Mythic Sky God that was in keeping with a view of cosmology that we have from the middle ages that was finally overturned Copernicus and Galileo?

How can we read the story as a story and avoid asking questions the story doesn’t answer?

Click here to watch this  video introduction to the series.

It has been a refreshing series that has provided a catalyst for honest conversation, catalyzing a deep desire to engage and reengage Scripture. 

Small Group Resource 

If you are looking for an amazing resource  for yourself, friends or  small group the first six conversations in the series are available on video at the velocity store.

You can now purchase…

The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture with the following topics of conversation…

A Genuine Inner Experience

The Evolutionary Nature of The Biblical Text

Understanding our Own Changing Self

Beyond the Mythic Sky God

Ten Characteristics of the Mythic Sky God

Reading the Genesis Narrative

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