Portals to Living More Deeply

I want us to work on understanding how and in what ways we can transform our consciousness.  What do I mean by that? 

Consciousness as used here is the organ of awareness. 

       What am I conscious of?

        What am I aware of?

So to do what we talked about last week requires us to transform or expand our consciousness, to open up and expand our awareness.


Three things are really important to this journey if we want to live more deeply.

1.  Heightening our awareness and moving from asleep to awake

      Think about how Jesus warned of sleepiness!!!

2.  Transformation of our internal dialogue that creates the false self

     and tells a broken and incomplete story

3.  Awareness and transformation of our worldview and mental models

     which is how we make meaning in our lives. 


I think transformation is quite literally a change in the way you see the world, and therefore a shift in how you see yourself and make meaning in the world.

Another way of explaining this is to realize as you become more and more aware of the false self and how that is constructed as a way for you to present something for the world to see that is other than the true self.  The true you, that realization and shedding the false self, is transformation.  This is what is often referred as the difference between you and your persona.

What do you do this week to heighten awareness?  Did you do any sitting practice at all?  How did it work out for you?

It is tuning our awareness that moves us toward living out of the true self of new creation and leaving the false self and old creation behind.


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