“The biblical text has to be intelligible in the cultural context in which we are called to do ministry. It is in the context that the human text or story is shaped. The text we live in and the shape of our story are functions of our personal experiences and the contexts into which we were born.”

( Page 75, Transformational Architecture)


As the American Dream guides and directs the lives of most Westerners and sadly, as the American Dream has entered the motivation of some churches…

How do we reshape our lives as narratives, as stories, in such a way as to flow into the larger story of God with Jesus’ razor focus on restoration?

How does the design and core yearnings of each person to believe, belong, and become guide us toward a wholeness offered by the Designer?

How do we get beyond a competitive stance of building “bigger” and “greater” with a win/lose spirit to embracing the imago dei in ourselves and all persons that we encounter?


At the office, on the production line, at the hospital, grocery store, school…

How do we enter the lives of our fellow human beings and live into and flow with the GREATER GOD STORY?

How do we begin conversations where Jesus started the conversations and begin the story where God started the story?

This is a part of what we will discuss at the upcoming online VLC .  We hope you will register today and lend your voice to the conversation on May 30th. 




MAY 30, 2009 9:00am EDT – 10:30am EDT

Register by May 22nd 

It’s never been more important to know God’s story and how one fits into it. Ron will guide a workshop that helps us to understand how to reach those around us with God’s Life-Changing Message of Hope.



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