It Just Clicks

The contemplative mind finds itself in the present, in the now.  Sometimes the only way to understand and experience what this contemplative mind is, what this nonduality is, is to acknowledge the moment when you have come out of this sense, this feeling, this experience of the present.  Sometimes it’s easier to describe what this presentness is by describing what it is not.  You know that there is a oneness experienced in the now because you have experienced a different space…if only for a moment.  Something just emerges…something just clicks.  You long for this way of being. 


Sometimes it’s the same when you have come out of a conversation where a group meets and something almost indescribable has happened. Something in the space just ‘clicked’.  You know what you have experienced only later, when you begin to reflect on the discussion or the conversation.  You realize the space that was created in that conversation was special.  Everyone came together, slowed down, allowed the other to BE , to talk without an agenda,  with a deep desire to grow.   There was a guide that led the conversation that seemed to practice a presence that leaked into the room and allowed for group to come to together. What emerged was transformational.   


Velocity Learning Conversations allow for just this type of experience…a space created where something indescribable happens…it just clicks.  You are forever changed.  People in a church, in the community, and/or even in the region come together for a day of conversation with Ron to engage questions of culture, leadership, evangelism, theology, human development, and/or spiritual formation.  Transformation happens in this forum.


Will you consider bringing Ron to your area for a Velocity Learning Conversation.  You can host a day with Ron in your community, allowing leaders in your area to register for a day that goes beyond conference highs to deep dialogue. You can offer your area an opportunity that will not require individuals to absorb flight or gas costs, hotel accommodations, meals, etc., the costs of traveling.  The really sweet part of hosting…if you get enough registrants, the day pays for itself.  Hosting a VLC promote church collaboration in your area.  You can partner with churches in your area and schedule this day with relative ease. 


Here is a look at the many conversations that are offered and contact us at or  if you are interested in additional details.


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