I’m quite grateful really. Every day of the week I recall something Ron said or some question that emerged from that week’s Spiritual Explorations Live conversation on Sunday evening. 

Maybe I should have started this by identifying that this is Nancy, not Ron. But you knew that already…I’m sure he would have written something insightful by paragraph two.  Hang with me.

Back to my SEL recall …

Last Sunday evening at Spiritual Explorations Live Ron asked the question…

How Do We Read a Text Largely Written From the Mythic Perspective when we live in a World that is more Rational or Integral? 

I often, as an unseminaried reader of Scripture  (I may have made that word up…I am getting a red line from the spellcheck), have wondered about what seems to be a very different perspective of God written in the Old and New Testament, about a predominant interpretation of Paul’s doctrine of “inspiration” referring to letters of Scripture not yet written, why we choose to mimic practices and discard others, why if God meant for the Bible to be a manual of dos and don’ts then why is this grand narrative available? Some of the answers you hear…I won’t go there.  Let’s just say less than coherent and sometimes downright insulting to the intelligence. We speak of a Living Word but sometimes prefer Scripture not challenge ‘our’ way of thinking.  Was that harsh?  I’m confessing here, not indicting. People are thinking these things you know, scared to ask because they feel their ‘faith’ will be brought into question. These conversations have such a potential for spiritual communitarian growth.  Luckily, we get to talk about these kinds of questions at SEL.   More accurately, intentionally we come together to enter these questions with a desire to grow in our relationship with God and with each other, aware that how we approach the Biblical text forms our being. 

More  from last Sunday night at SEL….

Jesus came and moved us away from sacred places (temple or mountain) sacred action (rituals like washing or eating) and sacred systems (Sabbath rules etc…) as the main point and moved us to sacred time… I AM…with you till the very end of the age.

The theater of God’s activity is every moment thought often hidden from visible eyesight.


Once you agree to experience your experiences.  Once you agree your life is and always has been the theater of God’s operation then  you have to also accept that so called “negative” experience and positive experience are key to the unfolding of inner experience.

So THIS  moment is important, and THIS moment is sacred, and THIS moment is full of God and THIS moment is filled with the opportunity for surprise, mystery, and possibility.  God IS always present and  unchanging.  It is I who am unaware /absent and I who have the opportunity to transform.  How compelling is a space like SEL that enhances an awareness that every moment IS a God moment…not contrived, not forced, amazingly IS.  How do we know this?   Scripture teaches us about how the characters of the bible saw God in every day events and how we can as well. 

Ron said

The text edges forward and backward, just as humans do.  It doesn’t just give conclusions it creates a set of patterns and a tangent.  And it is up to us to connect the dots forward and backward.

Connection at many levels for us at SEL.

Ron is leading us to engage the question

What if the bible is meant to give us windows into two things

  • 1. The big fat storyline.  A narrative that directly confronts and reshapes the narratives that have molded and shaped our lives.  Truth Speaking to Power as an example…. Exodus narrative and the Prophets are good examples.
  • 2.  Windows on how he has acted in the past so we come to our relationship with him open to surprise, mystery and possibility… like the possibility of IMPROVISATION 


So if you are interested in joining this group of people from all over the world to dialogue The (R)evolutionary Spirituality of Scripture, join us Sunday, June  7th  at 6:00pm EDT when Ron will lead us in a discussion about “Original Blessing Instead of Original Sin”.  Click here for the webpage that explains how to get connected to SEL.  You can also hit me at and  with any questions you have.


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