Honoring Transformative Moments…

We need to honor and reflect upon these awareness bringing experiences.

Let me give you an example of the third we mentioned in the last post coming into my life at the right time. 

Over the course of my spiritual life there has been this “uncanny coincidence” or “sychronicity” or spiritual flow of God in my life that with consistency intersected my life with resources and teachers at just the right time.

One of those spiritual directors I met a couple years ago at a conference with Thomas Keating was a monk named David Steindl-Rast.  He has written more than 30 books…his area of focus?  Practicing gratefulness….the practice of living with a fundamental appreciation for all of life.

He is an 80 year old Benedictine monk that I have learned so much from.  It was from him in a private spiritual direction session that I heard for the first time the statement “’what is,’ ron, is the great teacher for you in this moment.  Gratefulness therefore is the only response you can have.”

Father David was trying to get all of us and me in particular to come to a place of realizing awareness moment to moment brings with it gratefulness for what is and gratefulness for what is is the catalyst for bringing the transformative power of those moments or those experiences forward into your day and life.

In fact this is how Father David distinguishes the Great Mystics of our Christian tradition from those of us normal people who once in a while have a mystical experience with a sunset or a relational interaction.

“What makes great mystics great, and us with our little mystical experiences not such great mystics?  It is that great mystics allow the memory of the experience, and the energy of the experience to flow into their everyday life.  The memory of that experience is kept alive with gratitude.  What you have experienced wants to be translated into everyday life, it’s the matrix for your whole life.  It wants to be the energy that enlivens your life on every level.  And that means spiritual living, and that means what the great mystics do.”

If we don’t mull over, reflect upon, converse about and share our experiences then we will miss something very very important.

What do you need to do this week to reflect upon what has been brought into your awareness. 

Let me suggest an exercise to slow you down and become more aware.  I suggest you do it each day. 

Become aware of sensations in body starting in head then moving to heart and then allowing that energy and heat to move to hands…

Slowly bring hands from thighs together… Bringing finger tips together then slowly interlocking the figures as if praying.  Doing all this very slowly.  Then just as slowly open your hands heavenward leaving your fingers interlocked and resting the backs of your hands on your thighs.  Inhale God’s life exhale your life through your hands as a surrender of your life into to the wind/spirit/breath of God’s life.

Remember we are incarnational beings.  We are second incarnations.


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