Let It Be

In assimilation I am squeezing a ‘perceived’ external into my internal world, not changing my structure but most likely pigeon-holing the external. Instead of allowing WHAT IS to BE WHAT IT IS, flourish, and grow, I assimilate it/her/him into the preferred and  controlled categories I have created.  I most likely diminish it/her/him and me. 

In accommodation, my structure, labels, and categories must remain malleable and open to adaptation. While this can be scary to my need for control, it may also lead to the most amazing discoveries, new understandings, and opportunity for transformation.  My observation and impact on ‘others’ will create an environment of an unforced and non-violent synergy between others and myself. I am able to integrate the mystery, the joy, and the pain.  

Jesus seemed to hang out with those who were malleable…those who didn’t project this categorical propensity…with those whose internal world could accommodate itself to the evidence with which it is confronted and  adapt to it.   

There are Christian practices that Ron teaches in the context of Velocity Learning Conversations that help intentionally position us toward allowing  ‘perceived externals”  to be as they are without labeling or categorizing.  So if you are interested in learning these practices, hit me with a mail….velocitylearning@gmail.com and we can schedule a day for you and your team to bring Ron in and practice together.


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  1. Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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