Consciousness, Science and God

We are pumped about the next module of III:TEXT which is titled Consciousness, Science and God .  

How Ron describes this next module:   

You want to push into the cutting edge of scientific inquiry and it’s overlap into the world of God and consciousness?  Want to engage in dialogue around some topics that will transform your ideas of self, God and the world? 


The world of science, once at odds with anything spiritual, has undergone interesting discoveries over the last several decades putting it closer and closer to the tangible though invisible world of spirit.  IIIText has always been about brokering resources that may not be on your radar, and exposing you to the emerging edge of the three texts we are always exploring, biblical text, human text and context. 


The .06 installment will be no different, but it will not be for the faint of heart.  If you want everything you have always believed to be confirmed…don’t participate.  If you are looking for safe, simplistic and neat and tidy…don’t sign up.  But if you want to be stretched, if you want to read an noted astrophysicist who started out studying to be in the priesthood, a double Ph.d in mathematics and philosophy who has founded an organization that networks contemplatives, a research professor at Georgetown and former section chief at the National Institute of Mental Health, and a cell biologist who has taught at Stanford Medical School so you can see what their learnings have to do with God, our self understanding and our world, then this might be the perfect IIITEXT for you. 


The foregoing may scare you into thinking you can’t understand these sorts of authors.  I assure you we are using resources written for general population readership, they are accessible and insightful, some brand new but all very recent.  But these resources, with just a few exceptions are not trying to synthesize their views with a biblical framework…that is our work in IIIText.  How does the work in science and consciousness provide new lenses on the biblical text and our understanding of God and how does our understanding of God influence our reading of scientific discoveries. 

Pretty intriguing…huh?

For three months we will come together to discuss how science is pointing to God and how we can be in the middle of the conversation as ministry leaders or better yet, as sojourners. There is daily online posting/discussion for these three months. Don’t let that overwhelm you.  The beauty of the chatboard is that you can post/read at any time of day.  In addition to the daily posting we meet online once/month  for a live chat/video conference with Ron and authors of the texts.  After three months of online conversation and monthly conferences, we will meet (most likely in a warm spot) in January for a three day In-Real-Life meeting that alone is worth the price of registration. 

III:TEXT is a unique forum.  We read texts together and interact daily online with our thoughts, questions, and challenges.  This forum really has been a life giving source for all who have entered with a desire to grow and thrive!  

And let’s face it Ron is one of genius thinkers of our day.  He combs through countless texts to resource III:TEXT with the best, both the most recent publications and some obscure.   If this is not enough, this group is typically made of up of a diverse group of ministry leaders from the world bringing experiences and education that combine to create something completly unique and synergistic for growth, for transformation! 

Early registration with it’s discount rate ends on Friday, July 31st  so register this week.  Regular registration ends August 31st CLICK HERE to read more details about the class and/or CLICK HERE to register at the velocity store.


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