Do we Awaken Possibility?

I am intrigued by the fact that Jesus, with consistency and regularity, called forth possibility in people.  In fisherman, tax collectors, prostitutes, blind people and that is just for starters, Jesus called people on to a different way of being and a different sort of life. 

Inherent within Jesus’ possibility posture was his sense that people are made in the image of God.  Contrary to so much wrongheaded emphasis on original sin, Jesus seems clear that the image of God in us is more original it is the starting point.  It was in Genesis and it was with Jesus.  That there is a place from which we can operate where ego can be laid down and our bipolar, binary, splitting, fracturing way of seeing each other and much of life can be released.  This is part of metanoia, the waking up to a wider reality Jesus is inviting.  I have been a fan of Benjamin Zander for some time.  I read his book 7 years ago and it was engergizing and powerful.  This talk is the same.  And while the goal of his talk has nothing to do with Jesus perse I think it does have something to do with Jesus. Enjoy!  And if you don’t have 20 minutes right now wait till you do you need to see the whole thing.

5 Responses to “Do we Awaken Possibility?”

  1. wow… that makes me rethink things.


  2. Whoa. Loved it. I love the question he asks at the end, “Who am I being that their eyes are not shining.” I easily forget the content isn’t the only important thing, the container is a huge part of the whole teaching process.
    And as far as how it relates to how we tell the Jesus story WOW!!! I wonder how I could better build tension in the telling of the Jesus so that when I get to the “E note”, everything “comes home.” For sure starting the story where and how it actually starts is vital.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. He’s for everybody, and we are doing such a terrible job of letting people know why we love Him.

    This is incredible….

  4. David Leon Card Says:

    i came back to this… i can’t get over it.

    i am reminded of our group discussion about inspiration, believing that inspiration is measured by “truthfulness” and not “facts” … this entire presentation seemed more inspired (god-breathed) than most of the sermons i have ever heard (and i have no idea about benjamin zander’s faith)…

    so odd…

    compare zander’s presentation to many contemporary church services, which are often so saturated/overloaded in multi-sensory material, that the message gets lost within the delivery.

    BUT in zander’s production, there is something truthful about BOTH the “message” and “delivery” … (no flashing lights, loud music, or a/v presentations) and to boot, it was all still very entertaining… ironically both exciting and sobering… wow!!

    and god is our conductor, awakening the possibility within us, while we follow his lead with shining eyes…

    amen, brother benjamin zander…


  5. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing presentation of Zander’s. What an incredible human being he is! Remarkable example of conveying a message so all can hear, no matter what level of development or state of awareness one has. Truly a beautiful expression and teaching!!

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